CG2 GALLERY is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition featuring works by ANDREA HEIMER & MARK MULRONEY. This exhibition creates an interesting contrast of works depicting HEIMER's new series of paintings about the presumptions of the adopted child and MULRONEY's aggressive mash-up drawings of cartoon imagery. An opening reception for the artists will be on Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 from 6:00PM - 9:00PM.

Andrea Heimer is a painter, who is known for her exploration of the suburban experience and her own reflections. Adopted from an early age, she struggled early with feelings of disconnect, which caused her to consequently suffer from depression and isolation. She was raised in rural Montana, a setting and site in which her narratives continue to unravel. As a way of finding comfort, she observed those around her, and created stories patched together from facts, myths, and personal beliefs. These presumptions are a main focus with her most recent works “The Adopted Child,” but this time, she focuses on presumptions surrounding the temperament, mental state, and character of adopted children, such as herself. She states, “As an adopted person with sealed records--meaning I am legally prevented from obtaining my own birth records--I address assertions made by friends, colleagues, doctors, authors, and strangers about my--and other adoptees'--unique situation.” These paintings, in a broader scope, focus on the dangers of role assumption behaviors that perpetuate the alluring yet damaging falsehoods surrounding certain groups of people. Part figurative yet part autobiographical, each painting represents comments that she has heard or read. She then translated and transformed this information into acrylic paintings each with varied nuances and attentive to detail. 

Heimer lives and works in Washington State. She recently received her MFA from the New Hampshire Institute of Art, and she has conducted artist residencies in Seattle, Montana, and Berlin. Heimer was also one of three finalists for Seattle’s prestigious Neddy Award, in painting.

Mark Mulroney is an artist based out of Syracuse, New York. He is a master at interpreting and decontextualizing contemporary culture. If one has ever wondered how to combine hallucinogenic drawing with bizarre surrealism, look no further. His work is filled with contemporary culture icons juxtaposed among intensive, dense landscapes that take time to digest. His playfulness resounds in his work, and the viewer may be carried away to youthful flashbacks and fantasies fraught with cartoons and guts. For his current work, he states that there was no definite direction. It reflects his child-like playfulness as he stated that his drawings were “more like wandering and finding nice surprises along the way.” One could say the same about viewing his work as one wanders around the page, stumbling upon surprises as the eyes move over the page.

Mulroney lives and continues to work out of Syracuse, New York. He received his BFA from the San Diego State University, and then later received his MFA from the University of California in Santa Barbara. He has received several awards and grants to teach art in public schools, and his work is featured in public collections including the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego and the National Pastime Museum.