CG2 GALLERY is pleased to present: Recent Works: CJ Pyle and The Silent Singers: Fred Stonehouse. This diverse exhibition brings together the works of artists, who have very distinct styles, yet share a similar attention to the figure. CG2 Gallery is thrilled to pair these nationally renowned artists. An opening reception for the artists will be held on Saturday, November 5th, 2016 from 6:00PM until 9:00PM.

 C.J. Pyle was born in Richmond, Indiana, and he spent much of his youth as a professional musician touring the country. Between sets and sound checks, Pyle formed and honed his “weave technique,” which now manifest and creates his surreal portraiture. His material of choice was simple: ballpoint pens leftover from set lists. According to Pyle, “I had never seen anything like my woven knot technique before I developed it, so there was no inspiration for it, really. I just loved the act of drawing and had been drawing consistently since about age twelve.” As a child, Pyle admired the detailed work of Basil Wolverton, and he also loved making rope knots. These two inspirations have immense influence in his work now and are evident in the drawings featured at CG2 GALLERY. Pyle’s will feature a series of beautifully executed figurative drawings that display an exquisite attention to detail. Each work is made from a combination of pen, graphite, and/or colored pencil on LP album covers (verso) or paper.

 C.J. Pyle’s work appears in several public as well as private collections. His extensive exhibition history includes shows in: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, and Sydney. Recently, Pyle’s work was included in Raw Vision / 25 Years of Art Brut exhibition in Halle St. Pierre Museum in Paris, France.

 Fred Stonehouse’s “The Silent Singers” presents an arrangement of mixed media paintings and works on paper, depicting the struggles of his figures attempting to communicate in various ways. His recent works focus on the haziness of memory, which is always becoming or dissolving. According to Stonehouse, “they weep, bleed, sweat, and speak to each other, never quite connecting in the ways that they had hoped. The inexact nature of their limited language leads them to half expressed thoughts and doubly expressed emotions. The earnest attempts at communion are simultaneously poignant and ridiculous.”  Stonehouse is the quintessential storyteller, who assimilates—or in his own words “weaves”-- his sources to manifest in his own private imagination to forge ambiguous allegories of contemporary estrangement. His imagery and storytelling, told within his characters, is on the verge on cynical, yet quite touching.

Fred Stonehouse is a Midwestern regional artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He received his B.F.A. from the University of Milwaukee in 1982 and had his first solo show in Chicago in 1983. He has exhibited worldwide: New York, Mexico, Amsterdam, Rome, and Berlin. He is the recipient of an NEA Arts Midwest Grant and the Joan Mitchell Foundation Individual Artists Grant